Investor Meeting: What Should You Do To Prepare For It?

Investor Meeting: What Should You Do To Prepare For It?

Investor Meeting: What Should You Do To Prepare For It?

How to prepare the Investor Meeting for Fundraising

In the last few times, there has been a flood of new startups in India. Today there are many such startups which have established themselves on a very large scale. Private investors are investing in many such startups. Shows like Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Horses Stable and Bada Business have led to investments in many startups.

According to the United Nations report , India is the fastest growing economy in the world. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that the youth of India pay special attention towards starting startups, but many people are not aware of what and how to prepare for investment or investor meeting…

       Investor Meeting: What Should You Do To Prepare For It?

If you have also started a new startup or you have an idea of ​​a new startup and you need investment, then today’s article is for you only.

In this article, we are telling you about the preparation for the meeting with the investor for investment:

legal structure of business

Before starting a startup, you have to prepare the legal structure of your business. There are many types of companies, if your business is proprietary, partnership or limited liability then you cannot get funds. Instead, if you are a private limited or public limited, then you can get funds.

market research

After deciding the legal structure of your company, research your market. Inside this, get information about your potential customers, such as who can be our customers, how much will be our potential sale in a given time, how much revenue can we earn, find answers to various questions like this. For this, you can take the help of a chartered accountant or finance expert.

budget sheet questions

After this, when you go to the meeting with the investors, then they will see your budget sheet and on the basis of its statistics, the investor will ask you some questions like:

    1. (a) How will you use the funds received from the investors?
    1. (b) How much money is needed?
    1. (c) Where and how much money will be spent?
    1. (d) How can we do more work with less expenditure?

Prepare all possible questions and answers based on the statistics in your budget sheet, so that when investors ask you these questions, you have answers to all of them.

Identify the right investor

After understanding your business, you have to identify the right investor for you. Those who are investors prefer to invest in the right place in the industry of their choice. Investment bankers can help you in this task.

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