Tagg sports activities + Rebiew:one plusBullet possibility for Lesa.

Tagg sports activities + Rebiew:one plusBullet possibility for Lesa.

Tagg Sports + Review: OnePlus Bullet Option for Less

Tagg Sports + costs Rs 3,499.

Tagg sports + Rebiew:one plusBullet option for Lesa. 

Smartphones are fast revolving in the market and on the day the smartphone companies are presenting their smartphones with new technology. Along with the smartphone,

 there are changes in its accessories such as earphones. This not only makes the users’ experience better but also stylish.

In the beginning, people did not have any choice other than wired earpiece, after some time, with the help of Bluetooth technology, people got wireless earpiece option, but they were very expensive.

Now, when their price is coming down drastically, in this way we are asked a lot of questions about who are the best wireless earpieces in the least amount. So today we have brought a review of Tagg Sports + Wireless Earphones for you.

TAGG SPORTS + design and specification

Speaking of design, Sports + comes with great and beautiful design. The metal casing, rubber ear gripe and light weight in it proves to be a better option in its segment. Two earbuds have been added through a small cable,

which has a remote just below the right side of the earbud, in which Mic is provided. Within the remote two 60mAh battery unit is given, which gives total power supply of 120mAh.

 The company claims that this headset offers a full backup of up to 8 hours, but we get 5-7 hours full backup in full charge. Although the headset’s remote is not designed properly, it is difficult to find the right button when listening to music. Apart from this, it is very difficult to open the rubber flap covering the micro USB port. Although this is not a big issue.

 The headset weighs 25 grams and works on  4.1 for wireless connectivity. The headset takes 2 hours to get full charge. Its fit is comfortable and it is also good for calling. However,

Tagg sports + Rebiew:one plusBullet option for Lesa.
Tagg sports + Rebiew:one plusBullet option for Lesa.. 

sometimes during calling, Mic takes more than the outside sound instead of your own voice, and the person talking to the other side may have trouble.

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